Struggle is a natural aspect of human life. Most humans experience some sort of emotional struggle such as anxiety, depression, addiction, grief, trauma, or loss at some point in their lives.

Many of us associate our struggles with some “fundamental flaw within” or tell ourselves that the reason we continue to struggle is that “we don’t try hard enough” or “our commitment to living the life we value is not strong enough.” On the contrary, we most likely exert more “well-intentioned efforts” towards ending our struggles than most people do. However, living a vital and meaningful life and achieving the qualities one desires require attention and focus on a range of factors different from what our “common-sense” mind usually suggests.

I work based on the assumption that clients are able to achieve rapid and significant change in their behaviors. I facilitate this change by helping clients expand their psychological flexibility through systematic and experiential exercises. The interventions used in this approach help clients access alternative ways of “problem solving” that utilize the resources beyond the “overactive” and “common-sense” mind.

I practice therapies that are supported by the research as the most effective treatments for a range of mental and emotional health issues including depression, anxiety, phobias, anger, stress, and relationship conflicts. In these interventions, the client and I collaborate to analyze factors that lead to the client’s suffering, including ineffective strategies that the individual uses to overcome the symptoms.

My approach in therapy is active. I help my clients make a clear definition of the problem they want to solve. In some cases, through the clarification of the problem, clients realize that the struggle is rooted in a not so obvious source. Once the desired goals are determined, a plan and a roadmap is designed to achieve them. Through the course of therapy, I coach my clients on implementing their plan step by step. During this journey my clients get a chance to examine the internal psychological processes that has kept them from achieving what's important for them and the person they want to be. 


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